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Our History

In the 1930's, Joseph Glimco was an organizer and co-founder of two unions - The Poultry Handlers,  and the Poultry Drivers and Fish Handlers. But by 1937, he shifted gears and helped to found Chicago's taxi cab drivers union, Teamsters Local 777. Glimco was named principal officer of the union in 1952, which represented more than 5,000 cab drivers by 1958. In the decades since, the long-standing local union has represented a variety of other workers, and is the only Teamsters union in Chicago representing barbers.


Today, Joseph Glimco's grandson, James T. Glimco, proudly stands as the only other President of Local 777 since his grandfather's death in 1991. In addition to serving as Trustee of Teamsters Joint Council 25, Glimco has been instrumental in Local 777's participation in the International Teamsters' School Bus Workers United campaign. In the last few years, the local has organized more than 2,000 school bus workers, aides, and attendants into the Teamsters throughout the Chicago area.

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