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We have the RIGHT to ORGANIZE our Union AT WORK!

1. We can talk about the union and forming a union at work.

If the company allows workers to talk about family,  church, sports, - whatever - while at work, we can also talk about the union. The company cannot discriminate against "union talk." It is illeagl for the company to have a rule that you can't talk about the union.


2. We can distribute union flyers or written information at work during non-work time in non-work areas.

We can distribute written union materials on company property during non-work times (like a lunch break, in the parking lot after work or other non-work time) in non-work areas (like the breakroom, employee parking lot, or bathroom).


3. We can distribute union authorization cards or have longer discussions about the union in work areas but only during non-work time.


4. We can take pictures in our workplace as long as the pictures are related to issues we want to work together to change: like pictures that show safety problems.


5. We can be active in our support of the union outside of work by attending meetings, home visiting co-workers, and taking other actions. The company cannot limit what we can do during our own time when we are not at work.


6. During non-work time we can stand outside our workplace on public property and hand bill union fliers or talk to our co-workers.


If the company tries to limit these rights at all - they are violating the National Labor Relations Act. You need to let the local union or organizer know about this as soon as possible.


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