The staff of Local 777 is a team committed to servicing our members to our best ability. We stand with you in solidarity. 


James T. Glimco - President

James Glimco is a third generation Teamsters Local 777 member. He started by volunteering at the Local during the summer when he was in college. He graduated from Benedictine University and became a business agent for Local 777 in 1989. While working, he finished his MBA at Benedictine University. He rose to become Vice-President, and later President of Local 777.  He believes that a union must organize new members to build power for its membership. Under President Glimco, Local 777 has become one of the fastest growing Locals in the Teamsters. "I feel I am very lucky because Local 777 has a great membership and great staff and a feeling of family that is often missing in this day and age."

Gregory Glimco - Secretary Treasurer

Greg Glimco is a third generation Teamster. He earned his BA from the University of Iowa. After working in the steel industry for over ten years, he became a Business Agent for Local 777 in 2000. While still representing the membership in this capacity, he became the Secretary-Treasurer in 2008. Greg continues to perform both duties with the Local, representing workers in both manufacturing and the school bus industries.

Major Rose - Vice-President

Major has been a proud Teamsters for 52 years.  He started out working for the Rheem Corporation and retired at Northern Steel Industries.  Major served over 30 years as an actively engaged Shop Steward. After retirement, Major joined Joint Council 25 as an Organizer.  In the Fall of '93, he joined President, James Glimco and Teamsters Local 777.  Currently, Major serves as the Vice President and Business Agent of Local 777. 

Simon Bingier - Recording-Secretary

Simon first experienced the Teamsters union when he worked as a package handler for United Parcel Service in Northbrook, IL. Whether it is computer and technical work, newsletters, building maintenance, or cooking for members, he is proud to serve the members of Local 777! He also speaks Polish fluently.

Elizabeth Gonzalez - Trustee

Elizabeth Gonzalez is a Trustee for Teamsters Local 777.  She has a Masters degree in Labor Studies from University of Massachusetts as well as a Business Administration degree from Loyola University Chicago.  While attending Loyola, Elizabeth began to volunteer for Local 777.  She later interned at Joint Council 25 and volunteered with the International on the "Drive Up the Standards" organizing campaign in the school bus industry.  Elizabeth joined Jim Glimco and the executive board in 2012 as a Local 777 trustee.  Her passion remains with talking to workers and unionizing, so she created and directs the Local 777’s Volunteer Organizing Committee (“VOC”) to help mobilize the membership and grow Teamster Power.  Elizabeth has helped organized and also represents many Spanish speaking members, often claiming "¡YA BASTA!" or "ENOUGH!" to Corporate greed and injustices.

Ed Harris - Trustee

Ed Harris

Paulette Johnson - Trustee

Paulette Johnson

Cynthia Cano - Administrative Assistant & TITAN Operator

Cynthia Cano is a second generation Teamster of Local 777. She worked alongside her mother, another ranked and file member at a Teamster Local 777 employer, since 2011. Cynthia became the newest member of the staff at Teamsters Local 777 following the retirement of Renee’ Taylor. Her duties include answering member’s questions and phone calls, operating the dues billing system (TITAN), as well as other administrative tasks.

Rita Bomher - Business Agent

Rita Bomher is proud to be a part of the Local 777 family as a Business Agent. Before joining the Teamsters full time, Rita, a working mom of six children, served for five years as a shop Steward for First Student School Bus drivers in Belvidere, IL. She received her commercial driver's license in 1984 and as a third generation Teamster is proud to continue to carry it to this day. After studying criminal justice in college, Rita first worked in criminal justice and then later in the insurance industry as a commercial line underwriter.

She is an avid genealogist and a 20 year Boy Scout leader.

However, she is most passionate and proud of her work serving her Teamster brothers and sisters. Rita loves participating with Local 777's Volunteer Organizing Committee: helping fellow workers learn how to stand together and build a better life for themselves and their families.

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